Made Fresh and Local

At Orlando Ice Cream Company we are proud to use local and fresh ingredients. That includes fresh milk and cream from Florida cows and Florida farmers. Not only does this insure fresh product to our culinary customers, but it also helps reduce transportation costs.  Above all it's a cleaner and more environmentally  friendly approach to sourcing our raw materials.. .

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Quality Standards

When creating our recipes for we follow a simple standard that we work hard to maintain. That standard is “Produce the highest quality ice cream products with top culinary expectations.” We realized that chefs sometimes shop local farmer markets or inspect their meats prior to accepting them in their kitchen. We took those same standards and applied it to our ice creams.

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Culinary Quality Ice Creams

We reinvented the top selling classic ice cream flavors using our original from scratch ice cream base. The results have been a delicious and fresh frozen ice cream that completes any meal. Local chefs receive a fresh handmade frozen dessert they are proud to serve alongside their creations.


Orlando Ice Cream Company

Hospitality In Mind

The Orlando Ice Cream Company is a brand that services the hospitality, healthcare, institutional and retail needs for ice cream. We provide diverse services such as flavor development for co-packing and designing retail ice cream shops for resorts or shopping malls.

Storage Effects

When ice cream sits in freezers for long periods of time they melt and refreeze with the freezers defrost cycle. This causes ice crystals and stale flavor. National brands can sit in transport freezers and storage freezers for long periods of time increasing your chances of serving an inferior product to your customers. Avoid disappointing your customers cravings and order a fresh and local ice cream from Orlando Ice Cream Company.

Muse Gelato

Orlando Ice Cream Company is a brand of Muse Gelato. If you are seeking gourmet gelato and sorbets we can assist you as well.


Private Label Ice Creams

Are you a gourmet food distributor seeking a private label brand of ice creams? Or need custom flavors unique to your customer base.  We can help. Orlando Ice Cream Company is please to discuss with you Private Label or Co-Pack opportunities.